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Concrete resurfacing

Spraypave Pro provides a permanent solution to all your driveway and outdoor concrete problems. Our Spraypave Pro concrete resurfacing Cannington is ideal for transforming heavy traffic areas with twice the durability of regular concrete. Plus, our Spraypave Pro concrete resurfacing offers oil and stain-resistant surfaces that can easily be cleaned, making them perfect choices for driveways, carports, patios, alfresco areas and much more. With Spraypave Pro's special formula, we are able to repair any cracks as if they were never there in the first place! Get the transformation you have always wanted for your outdoor area today with Spraypave Pro.

Epoxy flooring

Spraypave Pro's epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for your home, garage, shop, showroom or office. No more notorious grout lines, as the seamless surface keeps dirt and bacteria away. As it’s over three times stronger than regular concrete, chips and cracks won't be an issue over time, making it ultra hard wearing to any environment. Spraypave Pro's epoxy floors are also stain-resistant and easy to clean with a microfiber mop – one quick wipe and you'll have a sparkling clean surface! In Cannington and looking for quality epoxy flooring? Look no further: Spraypave Pro has you covered!

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Clear and colours sealer

Spraypave Pro offers an innovative sealer service in Cannington that produces clear and colour sealers designed to improve the longevity of any surface. Spraypave Pro sealers are incredibly hard-wearing and durable, giving protection against UV damage, traffic and dirt while providing a low maintenance solution. Our team can darken or enhance old coloured as well as stamped or decorative driveways or pavers while also bringing exposed aggregate concrete back to life. Furthermore, Spraypave Pro sealer can reduce hot tyre marking and marring and scuffing of surfaces. Finally, Spraypave Pro products are easy to apply with excellent adhesion making them ideal for transforming your home's outdoor environment.

Pave spray

Spraypave Pro, located in Cannington, is quickly becoming the go-to destination for anyone seeking a hard wearing decorative finish for their concrete or asphalt surfaces. Spray on Concrete and Pavements is an innovative resurfacing product that has been developed to form a strong and permanent bond with existing concrete or asphalt surfaces, both new and old. Spraypave Pro's highly experienced team uses this spray on resurfacing coating to create beautiful decorative finishes, such as textured driveways, carparks, courtyards and paths. With Spraypave Pro's Spray on Concrete and Pavement process you can be sure of a reliable service that will leave your surfaces looking fantastic for years to come.

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Concrete spray

Spraypave Pro is a highly experienced team that provides professional concrete surfacing and resurfacing services with concrete spray to customers in Australia. Customers who require Spraypave Pro’s specialized mix of tools, equipment, and training will be delighted with the efficient application of spray on concrete for maximum impact. Our Spraypave Pro personnel are well versed in this technique due to the extensive training they receive, resulting in a lovely overall look of your property with the finish of the concrete surfaces. Benefits of using Spraypave Pro's techniques include reduced time and labor costs as well as impressive aesthetic value. For quality service with exceptional results in Cannington, trust Spraypave Pro!

High pressure cleaning

Spraypave Pro services understand the difficulty of dealing with deep staining, unhealthy moulds and surface dirt that seem permanent. With high-pressure water jets able to be used for cleaning – Spraypave Pro specialize in this service in Cannington - removing such stain or mould, customer need not despair any longer. Additionally, Spraypave Pro use up-to-date technology to capture and recycle the water used during the cleaning process, allowing disposal at approved EPA locations. Spray Pave Pro is dedicated to providing timely solutions with their high pressure cleaning services.

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