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Concrete resurfacing

Spraypave Pro offers an incomparable concrete resurfacing service in Fremantle. Our innovative Spraypave system is twice as durable as regular concrete, making it perfect for heavy traffic areas. Spraypave is also oil and stain resistant – so gone are the days of stubborn dirt wreaking havoc! We can also quickly repair any cracks before they become serious issues, with Spraypave permanently bonding all surfaces. Spraypave is even fade resistant and comes in 37 beautiful colours - guaranteed to add both flair and practicality to your outdoor space.

Epoxy flooring

Spraypave Pro's epoxy flooring is a great solution for any number of residential and commercial spaces in Fremantle. You'll never have to worry about dirty grout lines or cracked tiles as it provides a seamless finish. The durable nature of epoxy floors means they are over three times stronger than regular concrete, won't chip like tiles, and won't warp like timber. For added protection, the surface is stain-resistant against most spillages, solvents and chemicals, making maintenance even easier. Spraypave Pro's epoxy flooring in Fremantle is the perfect way to upgrade your home, garage, shop, showroom or office space with an easier-to-clean and more hygienic finish.

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Clear and colours sealer

Spraypave Pro is the premier source for clear and coloured sealers in Fremantle. Our sealers have been engineered to be hard-wearing and durable, designed to take on even the harshest of outdoor environments, while providing superior protection against UV, traffic and dirt. Spraypave Pro sealers offer an extremely low-maintenance solution with benefits ranging from darkening and enhancing old coloured, stamped/decorative driveways or pavers to reducing hot tyre marking, marring and scuffing. Spraypave Pro seals also provide unbeatable adhesion capabilities to concrete surfaces with the sealing service. To experience these advantages for yourself today, choose Spraypave Pro as your partner in clear and colour sealing solutions.

Pave spray

Spraypave Pro, the leader in pave spray Fremantle, offers services for Spray on Concrete and pavements that can instantly improve the look of any existing concrete or asphalt surface. Their specialised Polymer cement resurfacing coatings are designed to provide an attractive finish while also creating a hard wearing surface that will withstand heavy traffic and last longer. Spraypave Pro is ideal for driveways, carparks, paths, courtyards and even new construction projects, ensuring you receive a high quality finish every time. With Spraypave Pro's patented spray onto concrete technology, you know your project will be completed quickly and efficiently with superior results.

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Concrete spray

Spraypave Pro specializes in providing skilled concrete surfacing and resurfacing tasks with concrete spray, for customers in Australia. We often employ the highly efficient process of Spray on Concrete to ensure maximum impact is achieved with our resurfacing projects. All Spraypave Pro personnel undertake extensive training to be able utilize specialized tools & equipment when we undertake these projects in Fremantle, as well as other surrounding areas. Our Spray on Concrete techniques offer impressive aesthetic benefits when performed correctly, reducing time & labor costs for our customers - so you can trust Spraypave Pro with all your concrete spray needs!

High pressure cleaning

Spraypave Pro offers high-pressure cleaning to tackle the most stubborn stains and moulds. Whether it is deep staining or unhealthy growth in a warehouse, our professional tooling and specialist employees are the perfect solution. As one of the leading providers of high pressure cleaning in Fremantle, Spraypave Pro ensures that no job is too big or too small. We have the capabilities to capture and recycle water, making sure we are always compliant with EPA standards – so you can trust Spraypave Pro to provide thorough and up-to-date services.

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