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Concrete resurfacing

Spraypave Pro in Mandurah provides high-quality concrete resurfacing services that are both cost effective and elegant. With options ranging from coloured, painted or stamped finishes to a combined design, Spraypave Pro will help you achieve a visually appealing finish that adds value to your home or property. Whether your concrete areas have suffered damage from wear and tear over time, or are simply plain and lack character, Spraypave Pro's unique service can breathe new life into any dull, cracked, or worn out area. Investing in Spraypave Pro's comprehensive and quality resurfacing services will not only help improve the energy of the area but also result in an engaging outdoor space that creates a sense of warmth for visitors and residents alike.

Epoxy flooring

Spraypave Pro is the leading name for epoxy concrete floor resurfacing services across Mandurah, guaranteeing a durable and cost-efficient alternative to other flooring materials. Our team can safely and effectively enhance any concrete space with our superior epoxy coatings, increasing resilience and smoothness while providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. Epoxy floor coatings offer multiple benefits a clearly polished look that is easy to maintain, as well as being scratch resistant, low maintenance and devoid of any dust accumulation. With Spraypave Pro’s expertise, you can rest assured that your floors will last the test of time while keeping their contemporary quality look. For more information on our epoxy concrete floor solution visit Spraypave Pro’s website or contact us directly to discuss your project.

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Clear and colours sealer

Spraypave Pro concrete sealers are the ideal choice for protecting and beautifying your concrete surfaces for people in Mandurah. With a specially formulated blend, they provide a low maintenance stain, oil and dirt resistant barrier. Spraypave Pro also offer clear and tinted coloured sealers in a range of different colours, allowing you to roll over existing finishes to change colours rapidly. We can also colour match most desired colours for our clients in Mandurah, so you can be sure that Spraypave Pro will provide you with exactly the finish you're looking for.

Pave spray

Spraypave Pro has been offering Spray Paving for many years in Mandurah and is well-versed in the designs, patterns and colours that make traditional Spray Paving projects look great. We have taken on the growing trend of Exposed Aggregate paving as well, making Spraypave Pro uniquely suited to take care of any Spray Paving project. We use specialised tools and materials to create a beautiful finish every time. Our personnel have undergone extensive training both to gain a better understanding of pave spray and also to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and professionally. Spraypave Pro prides itself on providing you with the highest quality Spray Paving at an affordable price.

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Concrete spray

Spraypave Pro is a reliable concrete surfacing and resurfacing specialist. We use specialised tools and equipment to deliver high-impact results for our customers. Our team of skilled professionals have been trained extensively to guarantee exceptional performance. We integrate an efficient concrete spray service in Mandurah to best meet our customer's needs and deliver the maximum output. Spraypave Pro's attention to detail combined with the highest industry standards means awesome results that will last long into the future.

High pressure cleaning

Spraypave Pro is proud to offer professional high pressure cleaning services in Mandurah and the surrounding areas. No matter what kind of exterior surfaces you need cleaned, Spraypave Pro has the specialised equipment necessary to adjust pressure and ensure that no dirt is left behind. Whether it's removal of stubborn graffiti, pressure washing commercial patios, or getting rid of pesky chewing gum on walls, Spraypave Pro offers a trustworthy and timely service. The best part? We can arrange our services during your non-working hours or at a time that suits you so your business's productivity will suffer no disruption from us! Spraypave Pro delivers quality results - all we need from you is your trust.

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