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Concrete resurfacing

Spraypave Pro offers concrete resurfacing services in North Perth that are both cost effective and stylish solutions to improving a tired, cracked or damaged area. The wide range of options will build interest in your home or commercial building while also increasing its value. Spraypave Pro reflects the latest technology, eco-friendly practices and excellent customer service in every job they do. So if you’re looking for a reliable solution to freshen up an exposed area, Spraypave Pro is the ideal choice for concrete resurfacing services in North Perth.

Epoxy flooring

Spraypave Pro is renowned for providing high quality concrete resurfacing services across North Perth. We use epoxy floor coatings to increase the resilience, smoothness and shine of hard floors, resulting in a polished and contemporary look that is incredibly easy to maintain. This has become an increasingly popular choice as people realise the lasting benefits of an epoxy flooring solution. Our experienced team are available to answer any questions you may have on this innovative service and assess your property requirements. Get in touch with Spraypave Pro today and experience the advantages of investing in an epoxy concrete floor coating.

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Clear and colours sealer

Spraypave Pro concrete sealers are a great choice in North Perth for those looking to protect and enhance the look of their outdoor area. These specially formulated sealers are both stain and oil resistant, making them ideal for any concrete surface. Spraypave Pro sealers come in both clear and coloured varieties, with a range of colours available or even colour matched to your specifications. Don't settle for existing concrete finishes - Spraypave Pro can provide you with the perfect solution to transform your project in North Perth area or wherever you may be located!

Pave spray

Spraypave Pro is a professional team of contractors offering spray paving services to the North Perth area. Pave spray can give you all the traditional choices when it comes to colours, patterns and custom work while also offering the growing trend of exposed aggregate. Specialized tools are used to undertake these projects with efficiency and skill by our staff who have received extensive training in order to stay up-to-date. Spraypave Pro ensures that you will get the maximum impact possible using this resurfacing method allowing you to achieve high quality results every time.

Beautifying your concrete with various resurfacing methods and techniques

Concrete spray

Spraypave Pro is the go-to team in the North Perth Area when it comes to concrete surfacing and resurfacing. As a leading provider of convenient and efficient solutions, Spraypave Pro relies on specialized spraying equipment to get the job done right the first time. Spraypave Pro utilizes spray on concrete to help customers realize maximum impact with their renovations. To ensure Spraypave Pro is accountable for their professional outcomes, each employee receives extensive training in order to be adequately equipped with the necessary skills to complete tasks proficiently. Spraypave Pro aims to be your trusted partner in any concrete project you have in mind.

High pressure cleaning

Spraypave Pro offers professional high pressure cleaning services North Perth; specializing in the removal of stubborn graffiti, unsightly chewing gum and dirt build-up from walls, windows, patios and car parks. We understand that time is money which is why our services are prompt and efficient. Our team's expertise with highly specialised equipment means that any exterior surface can be cleaned until it is free of dirt with minimal disruption to your operations. Spraypave Pro are dedicated to providing quality high pressure cleaning services for your business in a quick and convenient manner that won't put a stop to productivity.

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